Spring Cleanup in Winter?

I’ll bet you are thinking this is jumping the gun a little, but work with me here as I explain why planning your spring cleanup now, (yes, in mid-winter) is a good idea.

If your home is anything like mine, you know there are always things that need to be check up on, cleared out or reorganized.  Keeping that thought in mind, now is a good time to plan your attack while winter duldrums are at hand.  Ask yourself these questions:

1.  Are you short on storage space? 

Now THAT is a closet!

2.  Are your closets overflowing with things other than clothes & shoes? 

3.  Have the kid’s toy collections become obsolete but still worth donating to a charity? 

4.  Would spaces within your home (that are no longer being used for their original purpose) make great use for something else?

Now that I’ve opened up the can of worms, drag out a pencil and a pad of paper and start walking around your home to analyze the situation.  If you’ve always wanted a hobby room, but the space you could easily change it into one is an overflowing makeshift storage space, sort through that room and toss or recycle the “stuff” you really don’t need to be hanging on to.

New Home Office Space?

Do you have a large open space in your basement that could quickly become a home office with the simple change of adding two interior walls and a door? 

 How about an entertainment space with a bar and a small refreshment fridge?  Is that basement fireplace still in working order (cleaned and checked for fire safety), and could it use a new facade?

A growing family always needs to accommodate change.  If you think the basement could use a bathroom added or an updated laundry space, why not get a few quotes on doing these things now?  Get the entire family involved in re-organizing your home so it is being used to it’s best capacity.

Small changes in a home can make a huge impact, not only for you and your family, but also for resale purposes.  Suddenly, the thought of planning spring cleanup in mid-winter doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all.

If you need quotes or ideas to make your home more user friendly, give me a call.  I’d be happy to come to your home and help you figure out the costs associated with positive changes.  I can be reached at 604-461-4349.

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