Going Pro (active that is)

The difference between a quote and the acutal cost of something is sometimes huge.  Does it have to be that way?  Not if you are organized and know exactly what you want.

 Going proactive in your renovation or new home build project can save you money and a few unnessesary headaches.  A sample senario might look like this:
You’ve hired your contractor to renovate your main bathroom.  Everything must go and you can’t wait to get rid of the old tub and the cracked surround tiles!  The things you should know before breaking tiles are as follows:
1.  The dirty part of the job is the removal/demolition & disposal of the existing plumbing fixtures, cabinets, tile & flooring.
2.  The trades needed to complete the work include the plumber, millwright, drywaller, painter, tile setter, countertop installer & flooring installer.
3.  Coordinating trades – you must be prepared to pick all the details of the finished room BEFORE the work begins.  An example of why this is important is that you may decide to buy a new cabinet for the bathroom that looks like a piece of furniture with legs and an open bottom half, rather than a standard cabinet that goes down to the floor with cupboards & drawers.  If you chose the furniture styled cabinet, the plumber would have to be sure to arrange the pipes in a way that they would not be visible once your cabinet is installed.  Should you go for the standard closed cabinet styled cabinetry, this would not be a particular issue as none of the plumbing hardware would be visible behind closed cabinet doors. 
This is an example of easily overlooked details that would cost your contractor more time, and you possibly more money to have the plumbing re-worked.  Also, using a furniture styled cabinet means you have more floor area exposed and you’ll need to have the floor installer calculate the extra amount of flooring material needed to cover this area, which was likely not exposed in your previous bathroom scenario, and would naturally increase the original quote given to you at the beginning of the job.
4.  Time is of the essence.  Both you and your contractor want the work to go fast.  By coordinating all the details ahead of time, your renovation or new home build will go much faster and smoother for all parties involved, and the liklihood of errors is greatly reduced.
5.  It is your general contractor’s job to coordinate the trades in your project and make sure the work they do is to your specifications.  Your job is to ensure that the things you want installed, such as new plumbing fixtures, lighting, paint colour(s), countertops, tile, & flooring material are confirmed and all readily available (in stock) before the job begins.  If you discover that the granite counter you chose is not deliverable for 6 weeks, then you have the choice to wait for the product (which will delay your job start) or choose another countertop which is in stock.
6.  Communication is key.  Don’t assume your contractor will magically know what you want done because he’s done 1,000 bathrooms before.  Each job is unique to you and the existing circumstances of your home.  Open and regular conversation between you and your contractor can save you both headaches that could likely have been easily avoided during the construction.  Like small children playing quietly in the other room, chances are something is going to go wrong if you’re not communicating.
Going pro-active is an expression we’ve all heard many times before.  Cliché as it may sound, it’s the key to making or breaking a quote, your budget & your sanity.
At Sigfusson Construction, we pride ourselves on being pro-active with every job.  Many decisions need to be made over the course of your renovation or new home build.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions, even if you think they might be obvious ones.  When you understand what’s going on, we feel more confident that the job is being done right, AND that time & money are not wasted by either party. 
Do you need a quote on work you want done on your home?  Contact us at contractus@sigfussonconstruction.com or call our office at 604-461-4349 to discuss your construction needs!

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